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Progress Bar

 is the best environment and community to hit your goals.

Originally established in 2012 as a space to host inspiring events and to get our work done. Pushing the envelope ever since.

Anything you need ™

As a member of Progress Bar, our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to book progress. From having the right facilities, all the way to feedback from your peers when you need it. If there is anything else you need, just let us know! In case you need a small overview of what we offer included in our memberships:
Comfortable and diverse spaces to work from
Stocked kitchen, and beverages
Information, insights, tools and deals to make sure you achieve Progress outside of the bar
Great meeting rooms
Tooling to share goals and progress, feedback from other members
Printing, scanning, wifi, etc. No fax present, you're in y2k
Register at the chambers of commerce, receive mail, packages
Access to all other office supplies such as sharpies, post-its, envelopes etc.


We do not do custom enterprise spaces. No private offices. No meeting rooms per hour. At Progress Bar, you do not pay extra for your coffee, locker, printing, or even internet access.

The way most "coworking" spaces run is that they are usually one (sad) part of a bigger complex with private offices. Or it is a nice area with low rates, but there are hundreds of members trying to use it, either way: they are there as a gateway drug to lure you into the private offices for when you are ready, or simply plain sick of their coworking.

Progress Bar is quite different. We do say yes to events, and to p2p accountability. We also have great coffee, and yes we do expect you to leave the space better than how you found it.

The Co in coworking also means that there is no staff at our spaces. We do have operators that can be adressed in case of need, but typically they arrange supplies and give tours and tend to their own business.
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In 2012 we started a workshop event for startup founders now called Startup Academy. We met a ton of great people wanting to get into building ambitious projects and products. They did not know where to go outside of our workshops, and needed space to work and meet likeminded peers. So we created a space called Startup Port. This was the first startup incubator in Rotterdam, and at some point the biggest coworking space around.

However, while the rest of the world caught up with the fact that startups are cool, we discovered that not only startup founders are developing our world. We realised that the cool thing about these people is that they risk their time and resources to see if we can do better. They are interesting because they are trying to learn if there is a way to push the envelope. We got motivated by seeing them achieving progress, and hit their goals.

So in 2018 we started to transform this amazing community and space into what you now know as Progress Bar. Beware, we are not finished just yet, even though we have already been called the best coworking space in Rotterdam.